DEFAULT: In accordance with this communication, the borrower defaults if the borrower does not make a payment, is due in accordance with this communication, or if the borrower: A) does not comply with a provision of this note, authorization and credit agreement or other credit documents, or if he does not make any of the guarantees or his income D) does not give a substantial fact to SBA E) or any person acting on his behalf , a substantially false or misleading representation of SBA F) by default of a loan or agreement with another creditor, where the SBA believes that the default may significantly affect the borrower`s ability to pay that bill. Bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings I) If a liquidator or liquidator has designated a portion of its activity or property (`) Power an assignment in favour of creditors K) Any adverse change in financial situation or activity which, according to the SBA, may significantly affect the borrower`s creditworthiness) , merges, consolidates or otherwise alters the ownership or activity structure without the prior written consent of the SBA or SBA N) is the subject of civil or criminal action which, in the opinion of the SBA, can significantly affect the borrower`s ability to pay this bill. LOAN FUNDS ABUS: Anyone who improperly misuses the proceeds of the loan is responsible for one and a half times the proceeds paid by the SBA to civil, in addition to other legally authorized remedies. Well, other warranty requirements. Here, too, I have taken over. You must not sell or transfer guarantees, except for the normal warehouse turnover or the interview with your friends at the SBA and prior written consent. Not even a call, but written consent. You will no longer be able to apply for advances on this or other of your guarantees and other credits without obtaining the agreement of the SBA in writing.